wombat inc: what you do part II

what you do part II

Shirt Design "shinbot vr.21"
I came up with this idea when i was watching some ad on tv.
why it is that we always have to go somewhere and do something
to get some information. It would be much better if the information
itself were coming to us without doing anything.
Well it's gonna be annoying after a while though :/

used some pictures from collection to refresh photoshop skill,
but still suck at it as one can see :/
This short berlin comic was drawn with the minimal size possible
to draw a comic (for me at least). 3 x ~2 cm per page with an 0,05 mm liner.
A slice of life comic about a punker who don't care about anything and anyone
until he surpass the point of no return. well after reviewing it there need to be done a lot on it.








this was an Corporate Design Project made for the School.
It describe an Ape-Human who has no job, no future and no friends
living in the big jungle "Berlin" and dealing with social problems
and most of the time the feeling of not fitting in.

the human nature
size: A3
time to finish: 2 weeks.
but it was worth every drop of sweat i spend on this pic.

recently i found this in my archive.
the first pic drawn on photoshop with an pen tablet.
someday i'll finish this..someday and somehow
it does look like a weird C3PO with the face of Robocop :/
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