wombat inc: @nimation study..

@nimation study..

6 short practice movies
was made while working for the Hanoi Animation Studio.
This was also the time where i realized the importance of animation,
storyboard, planning, budget and the work of an art director.

1. basic movement
the character(a Pig) trying some Kung-Fu Move he learned
from television/ or Youtube. While swinging around he hurt his own hand 
and start crying like a child.

2. walking sequence
the character (a Ape - hand and feet are on the ground) start off
from afar and walk closer to the front and start accelerated in the middle
for a fast run but slipped and fell on his nose.

3. the importance of gravitation
a not athletics and flimsy character tried to lift some weight.

4. flow and movement
another practice about the time flow, slow and fast movement.

5. a scene
a resume of everything learned to a sequence with a robot
who tried to steal a ball.

6. action time
resume of action lines. like the first practice movie,
now with more flow and action.
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