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About This Website
Wombat Inc Blog is a collection with some of my own works over the years.

About The Author 

It was during the 90's that i happen to come into contact with the medium comic, superheroes comic to be precise. It was there that i start drawing for the first time and my first drawn picture was that of flash and green lantern, strangely both has a weird proposition and bubbles everywhere as muscle but at that time i was really proud of myself to draw it since i never got to learn it from someone or look into stuff like how to draw this and that. 

As time past and my interest grow, i start looking into various comic styles from all around the world also with a mindset of finding a way to draw, to express and to learn from all those great masters out there. Even now if people asking me what is my style, i still can't tell them in detail how or where my style is. Surely the impact of comic, such as superheroes, is/was the foundation of all my drawings. 

When i start drawing, i dream of doing this and that in the future, being a great Artist, a Comic Artist, an Animator, an Illustrator, to sum up everything. But life goes on and your mindset changes and things happens.
After graduation from the Berliner Technical Arts School (BTK) as communication designer, u start working here and there as Graphic Designer, Illustrator to earn some money, while keep drawing outside of the jobs. I have never step into the field of being a comic artist or a mangaka but i still dream about it and keep doing so.

Current and due to some outside of my prediction actions, i am living in Vietnam and work here as a Design Consultant. This blog was establish as a portfolio for me when i came to Vietnam but after i start working (for the survival reason), the blog itself stop existing too.

Now after nearly 2 years pause, i hope that with this new re-start this blog will be able to live to it fullest as a real blog.


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