wombat inc: 1st @nimation work

1st @nimation work

"Dreamer" degree work from design school.
The idea was to make an original handmade 2D animation movie without using aftereffect or any 3D programs.
End product: an animated short movie, film booklet and booklet of studying time.

When i started i had no idea what animation is and how you make one, the only thing i know was you have to draw something. After searching through "google" my mind told me that it will be a hell of work. 
Storyboard, Character Design, Sound, Backgrounds, etc... and nobody who could tell you how to it the normal way. So I spend the next 4 months in the dark basement of the school to draw day in and day out. In the end i manage to finish the movie get my diploma "on time" but i still want to make it better with at least everything a little more.

the "Dreamer" movie compressed in a very small file.

waterdrop layer repeated
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